The Geelong Freedivers Inc. Introduction to Spearfishing handbook is (finally) here!

The wait is over! The official “Geelong Freedivers Inc. Introduction to Spearfishing  Student Handbook” is finally rolling off the (virtual) press!

Its available on our website in PDF format for only 12 dollars!!!

This is a first “alpha” release, is a constant work in progress, and has yet to go through any form of formal / professional editing or publishing, but this is reflected in the price ($12!).

This document was put together to accompany our up-and-coming “Geelong Freedivers Inc. Introduction to Spearfishing” practical course, aimed at beginner spearfisherman looking to get into the sport, or novice spearfisherman looking to expand their knowledge. The course itself is also a work in progress, and more details on this are to come.

If you have any feedback or general suggestions, please send your feedback to


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