Surf Coast Cup – Combined Spearfish and photo competition

Saturday morning saw a small bunch of GFD members gearing up for a combined spear and photo comp. This is the first time such an event has been attempted within the club so it was going to be interesting to see how well it works.

Nice and calm…

The ocean was very flat from when we arrived to the time we left the water. From the first glance we knew the visibility was not going to be on par with the general ocean conditions however it still looked too nice not to jump in. P

Hayden went off on a quick scouting trip further down the coast however it was all pretty much the same so we stuck with Pt. Roadknight.

About to hit the water

With a few new guys in the club diving buddies were chosen and we were away.

Very low tide

It was a super low tide during the first hours of the competition which made it easy to find a few bommies and marks.

Don’t shoot!

Nam was a bit tentative about getting in first so he sent his buddy Ivan in at gunpoint just to test the water. Mental note: Don’t choose Nam for your buddy 🙂

Since Pt. Roadknight holds a relatively small area to dive the next few hours saw people crisscrossing each other looking for productive patches of reef – of which there were relatively few. It seemed since last time I’d been here the ocean floor had actually changed dramatically, but that may just be my fading memory.

Due to the visibility being poor the spearfishing was popular for scoring points. A few divers took photos and speared and one scored using photos only. Overall it looks like this event has a lot of potential for the future.

The top three positions were:

  • 1. Nam
  • 2. Gerard
  • 3. Hayden

Nam found some nice Crays which scored highly winning today’s competition.


The bbq was generously cooked by Hayden again and well received.

At this stage there’s now only the Boat Dive remaining in the Surf Coast Cup which we’ll try and schedule sometime in the next month.

Once again, thanks to competition sponsor Continuum Fins for making this possible.

Thanks everybody for attending and making a great morning’s dive…


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