Surf Coast Cup – Boat Comp

After postponing the boat comp once we decided to schedule it for this weekend. Whilst the conditions aren’t the best we are still going to go ahead with the comp this weekend as we are unsure when we could possibly hold it next with future dates already set for other events in the calendar.

The ocean swell is going to be down but preceding days of south easterlies means the ocean is going to be very dirty and no good options for the shore divers participating. So having said that we are going to run the comp from the Indented Heads boat ramp.

Note that this is a boat comp so boats, pwc and kayaks are all allowed to be used providing you have the required safety equipment. For people who are going to be shore diving you will be allowed to travel from the meeting place either on foot or by vehicle but you must be back by the sign off time.

Meeting time is 8am for an 8:30 start, for those people using boats and other watercraft, the onus is on you to get to the ramp early enough to launch prior to the sign on and comp start times.

As usual there will be a BBQ held after the comp.

Competition is open to all current AUF members. Please sign up prior to Sunday to allow us to work out the catering. Sign up can be found here:

Date: 4th Feb
Time: 8am
Location: Indented Head boat ramp


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