Surf Coast Cup Aggregate Boat Comp Results

On Sunday, Geelong Freedivers Inc. hosted the second competition of its inaugural “Surf Coast Cup” spearfishing competition series. This comp was a designated boat comp. Having already postponed it once before, and due to predicted conditions in the days before, we set the launch spot well into the bay at Indented head, to allow our smaller boats to be able to safely launch and take part.

We had a total of 3 boats and 10 divers participating, and what a day it turned out to be!


Conditions were much better than expected, which in turn, allowed for some of the competitors to concentrate on trying to get more interesting species than you would otherwise expect from a bay boat dive.

Fish of the day goes to Steve, with this stonking 22.4 Kilo Southern Blue Fin Tuna.

Our scoring system differs slightly from the VSC Scorescheet, with a species weight and multiplier used to calculate score, with a 5 species limit.

Though the number of weigh ins doesn’t necessarily reflect it, Sundays fishing was absolutely superb.

Scores are as follows:
Steve – 1 species, 44,800 points – 100%
Tyson – 2 species, 4814 points, 10.7%
Luke – 1 species,  1062 points, 2.3%
Nam – 1 species, 780 points, 1.7%


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