PPB Shellfish Reef Update

Good Afternoon All,

A quick Friday afternoon update to let you all know the reef base deployment last week at Margaret’s Reef and Wilson Spit restoration sites went really well.  Some photos attached of loading of the recycled shell (100 m3) and limestone rubble (20 m3) at Geelong Port onto Polaris Marine’s Starlight Vessel, the deployment and short clip. Plus a feature article from the Geelong Addy. There is now an additional 500 m2 of new reef base between both sites.

Next step to deploy the seeded oyster cultch over the new reef bases and top up the reefs constructed in March. The oysters are currently being grown at the Victorian Shellfish Hatchery in Queenscliff.

There will be a couple of days of on-water volunteer opportunities coming up soon helping to count oysters as part of our monitoring program, likely in the week before Christmas.  Please let me know if you’re interested.

All the best,

Simon Branigan 
Marine Restoration Coordinator (Australia Program)



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