Pool Training’s Back!!

Geelong Freedivers are pleased to announce that we are finally offering pool training again, this time (as voted by our members) on Monday nights at the Geelong Aquatic Centre with the first one being next week 24th of June! As it’s been a while since we have run training, we would like everyone to complete a safety induction again. We have scheduled an Induction night for the 24th, sign up as usual through the website

Pool training is great for all levels of divers, from beginners who want to understand the basics of apnea and to get comfortable before hitting the ocean, to the intermediate divers who just want to keep touch with their skills during the colder months, to the move advanced divers who are training for specific events/goals. There is a reason for everyone to attend.

For the people wondering why they should pay $15 to swim laps in a pool when they can just go to any pool anytime and just pay the entry fee, its all about doing it in a safe controlled environment with skilled people watching out for your safety and can give you pointers on your technique. The cost is more then normal pool entry as we hire out a lane just for us to use so that we don’t have to contend with other pool users.

We have a wealth of experience in the club for all apnea based activities and our most competitive freediver, Danny Hurst, is also offering up his own time to work with individuals one on one. Danny will work with you to understand your motivations and then help set goals which will lead to the base of a training plan specific to you. This is a fantastic opportunity and I highly encourage members to take him up on this generous offer.

To keep things interesting and spice it up a bit we are looking into having special one off nights. This is all a work in progress but some things that we are thinking about are; once off fin swimming night, PB night, specific workshops to concentrate on individual skills, game night, etc.

So all members and prospective members, sign up for the induction and lets start training!


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