Photo Comp Results

Last Sunday we held the second (and final) photo comp of the series. Initially scheduled for Springs Beach Point Lonsdale but the conditions were terrible. Several members scouted all around our side of the bay but there was dirty water all around except in one location, Swan Bay! Ideally we would have liked to have held it at a different location as the first comp was in Swan Bay but when the sea gods give you lemons you dive where you can. It was also interesting to see how different it would be now that the water was a lot colder then it was back in December.

We had 5 people signed up For the comp and 2 social divers which included the comp Sponsor Luke from Ninepin Wetsuits. It was great to have Luke come to the event, meet some members and also for us to check out his new range of pelagic wetsuits.

Whilst everywhere else had brown water SB has crystal clear in a couple meters but got a bit hazy green when looking out in the distance. Everyone noticed 2 things on the day, the water was COLD and the fish were scarce! The average number of fish scored was just 3 or 4 so it was really up to the framing bonus points to seperate the winner from the pack.

The comp was called on for 4 hours but I knew it was time to leave the water not when the time was up nor when my gopro was flat but when I could no longer operate the thing due to my fingers not working anymore because of the cold! An ill fitting wetsuit in the cold of winter is not a good thing.

Upon leaving the water we all headed to the public BBQ’s at St Leonards to go through our photos and select which ones we would submit for scoring while warming up with some BBQ pork rolls and some taste home made beverages (thanks Ivan!).

Despite it being a cold quiet day it was still great fun. Due to some equipment malfunctions only 4 people entered photos to score and the results are as follows:

1st: Malcolm scoring with 4 species with an average score of 493
2nd: Hayden scoring with 4 species with an average score of 488
3rd: Ivan scoring with 3 species with an average score of 375
4th: Nam scoring with 3 species with an average score of 355

Thanks to all who competed during the season making it a fun and enjoyable event and of course to our sponsor Ninepin for giving us that extra incentive to win.


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