Membership Renewal

In late April you will receive an email from the AUF prompting renewal of your membership of the AUF and the GFD.

Membership timing is aligned to the financial year for all members.

AUF offers a reduced fee for renewals received before the due date.

To renew your membership:

Log in to the AUF website:

Enter your username and password.

If you can remember your username contact Russell O’Flynn: , 0499 00 00 20.

If you cant remember your password then follow the prompts on the AUF site or call Russell.

Select the tab for registration renewal:

Select the membership type, then select the ‘Next’ button.

Confirm all information in the membership details page (email confirmation is mandatory), then select the ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the page.

Process payment using your preferred method listed in the options.

And thats it: congratulations, you have renewed your membership for another year!





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