The AUF is the Australian Government recognised peak sporting body for underwater activities (such as spearfishing, snorkeling, etc), and also provide a political voice to spearfishing, working with, and lobbying, Government and other fishing bodies to provide, promote, and manage access to the fisheries we all enjoy.

In order to join Geelong Freedivers, you must also be a member of the Australian Underwater Federation (AUF) and agree to abide by the AUF spearfishing code of conduct and club competition rules. To participate in club diving activities, the AUF membership must be at a level that includes indemnity and sports injury insurance when partaking in club dive activities: Senior for those over 18, or Junior for those under 18 years old. Social membership does not enable access to GFD or AUF dive activities. 

We invite all members of the public to attend our club meetings to get a feel for what the club is like. If you find it’s right for you and wish to become a member, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete your Australian Underwater Federation membership application (if you are already a member of an AUF affiliated spearfishing club you can skip this step)
    • Scroll down the page to the section headed ‘Spearfishing/Snorkel/Freediving’, select “Geelong Freedivers” as the Club, and a new page will pop up.
    • Login, or register as a new user.
    • Select the level of membership you require (eg. “Senior member”)
    • Confirm that you have read the AUF Terms and Conditions, and click “Next”
    • Fill out all your details, making sure your email address is correct!

A club committee member will then will set up your personal log-in for this webpage, and send an email outlining the information on how to access the club’s resources. This may take a few days so don’t worry if you don’t see anything until the weekend.


If you’re already a member of the AUF and another club, but would still like to participate in Geelong Freedivers activities, please send us an email at with your AUF membership number, and we can organise your Geelong Freedivers Inc. membership for the cost of club membership only (Senior: $20).

There are a number of membership levels available. Only those who wish to dive with the club or do the pool training need a full Senior or Junior membership. Those who wish only to access the clubs resources such as access the map of Victorian dive sites, the Spearfishing Introduction Handbook, meeting presentations, and link up with others through the clubs’ Members-only Facebook page but not dive in GFD, VSC, or AUF events need only a social membership. To avoid unintentional risk exposure, we require that uninsured members do not use the club members-only Facebook forum to arrange dives with other members.