The GFD arranged a course to enable a number of members to become AUF accredited spearfishing coaches. The coaches designed a spearfishing course to support newcomers to the sport. The course is framed around the information set out in a training handbook. The GFD makes this training handbook available to all via the links below.

The handbook covers all you need and want to know about spearfishing, to be safe and catch fish. Half of the content relates to freediving and spearfishing equipment: these subjects are generic and the information can be applied globally. Where we discuss case studies of species and conditions we reference the legislation, and environment local to spearfishing in Victoria, and the considerations discussed are applicable to most dive locations. The handbook does not include dive locations, advertisements, or personal anecdotes: it’s 150 pages of guidance on spearfishing skills.

The Introduction to Spearfishing Handbook is free for GFD members, and that free access is available through the members-only tab of this webpage. The course content is also covered at a ‘Spearo Clinic’ which is a members-only activity held alongside our monthly social dives.

We update the handbook occasionally to improve its quality, and we welcome feedback for such improvements.

Geelong Freedivers Inc. Introduction to Spearfishing Student Handbook (Price: $9.99)

Geelong Freedivers Inc. Safety Induction

Australian Resuscitation Council Guideline 9.3.2