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Club Rules:

The Geelong Freedivers Inc. (GFD Inc.) is an association, incorporated in the State of Victoria. The club adopts the model rules for an incorporated association, based on the template provided by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

GFD Inc. Association Rules <link>

The Spearfishing Handbook:

The GFD Inc. has a course designed to support newcomers to the sport, and this is framed around the information set out in a training handbook that was developed by GFD Inc. members. The GFD makes this training handbook available to all via the links below.

The handbook covers all you need, and want, to know about spearfishing. Much information is generic, and the case studies are specific to the regulations and environment in Victoria. The handbook does not include dive locations, advertisements, or personal anecdotes: it’s 150 pages of guidance on spearfishing skills in the local environment.

We update the handbook occasionally to improve its quality, and we welcome feedback for such improvements.

Geelong Freedivers Inc. Introduction to Spearfishing Student Handbook (Price: $9.99)