Surf Coast Cup

Covid -19 notice:

The Victorian State DHHS rules for stage 3 and 4 lockdowns trigerred cancellation of this event series. We will update this notice when the plans to reactivate the competition are in place…


Information on the event: 

Geelong Freedivers Inc. Surf Coast Cup is a points-based aggregate spearfishing competition series, which is open to all AUF members.

The Surf Coast Cup (SCC) consists of a number of one-day competitions. The events are set about a month apart during the dive season, with the dates as shown on the GFD events calendar, accessible on this web page.

The SCC consists of events such as:

  • A Pole spear comp
  • A Boat based Comp
  • Shore based Comps
  • A Hybrid Spearfishing and photo-fishing comp
  • Victorian State championships
  • The Victorian Spearfishing Commissions Western Districts comp

Ideally, all of the single day events in the series are to be held along Victoria’s Surf Coast, but weather may require us to move a days competition to within Port Phillip, or even be postponed until a later date.

The competition will be called on or off on the Thursday prior to the announced competition date. Signup must be completed 24 hours prior to the scheduled competition start time.

The aggregate score for the Surf Coast Cup is based on the best scores out of the competitions, with an allowance to drop some events, so even if you can’t attend all dates you’re still in with a chance!

The winner of the Surf Coast Cup aggregate will receive a prize from our club supporters.

The rules and score sheet can be found below:

Click here to download the SCC rules

Click here to download the SCC scorecard