Underwater Photofishing Competition Series

Covid -19 notice:

The Victorian State DHHS rules for stage 3 and 4 lockdowns triggered cancellation of this event series. We will update this notice when the plans for these activities are once again in place.

Introduction to Underwater Photofishing, for information only:

The Geelong Freedivers Inc. Photofishing Competition is a series of single-day Underwater Photography Competitions.

The format of the competition is more or less what you would expect to see in a spearfishing competition with one key difference; scoring is awarded based on images of an identifiable fish ‘caught’ in the center of a photograph, and not fish being captured with a spear and then weighed.

Like the spearfishing heritage of this competition format, all photographs must be taken with no breathing aids other than a snorkel. No scuba or hookahs may be used by participants.

Series scoring will be taken from competitors best two out of three competitions results.

This competition is open to all AUF members. Competitors must be signed up 24 hours prior to competition commencement.

This series of one-day events are held on dates outlined in the calendar on this webpage. Keep an eye on the news section for comp times & locations closer to the date!


Click to download Underwater Photofishing Competition Rules


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