Club Spearfishing Championship Leaderboard

***This page is currently inactive due to the impact of Covid lockdowns on GFD Inc. competition activity. The page has been left visible to enable access to the archived data. ***

This leader-board is updated occasionally rather than regularly and the intent is to keep everyone striving for a podium finish by not knowing who is currently ‘winning’.

The scoring system is set up to reward those who dive regularly and hunt a diverse range of species.

The table below shows the biggest fish registered this year.

The links below the table lead to the results for some past seasons so you can see what it takes to win: wide diversity beats a few great fish. So if you want to win, make sure you bag not only the trophy fish, but also a diverse range of B, and even C grade species!

Note there are two tabs on the archive files, one shows the weight of the species caught by each diver, the other tab shows the comp scores and bonus points, and final total ranking.

2018-2019 Club Spearfishing Championship Results, weights and scores.

2019-2020 Club Spearfishing Championship weights and scores (Cancelled due to Covid 19).