Club Spearfishing Championship

Geelong Freedivers Inc. runs a season long spearfishing competition, the Club Spearfishing Championship, open to all club members.

The CSC allows participants to weigh in fish that they take during the course of their regular, recreational spearfishing outings.

There are 37 species on the score card, which are broken up into three categories for the sake of scoring. Top-tier fish will achieve a maximum score of 15 points, middle tier fish a maximum score of 10 points, and lower tier fish will receive a maximum score of 5 points.

A leader board is maintained of the heaviest of each species, but final scores are not released until the clubs awards night, held in August;  no competitor knows the score of any other during the course of the competition.

This competition is as much about competing with yourself as it is competing with others, and to encourage you to target a wide variety of Victorian species, where different tactics and equipment need to be employed, and different areas need to be covered in order to capture each of the different species.

The prize for the overall winner of the 2018-2019 Club Spearfishing Championship is a Salvimar Atlantis speargun, provided by Geelong Dive Centre!

Every single entry goes into the draw to win a fantastic prize, so the more species you enter, the better your chances are of winning!

Click here for full rules