Club Spearfishing Championship entries are now open!

Dear Club Members,

The 2017-2018 Geelong Freedivers Inc. Club Spearfishing Championship (CSC – formerly known as the Species Challenge) is now open for weigh ins.

The main changes to this years comp format is as follows:

This year we see 14 new species added to the score sheet (bringing the total to 24), broken up into 3 Categories, Cat A having a 15 point max score, Cat B a 10 point max score, and Cat C with a 5 point max score.

We’re also allowing gutted fish to be weighed in (to maximise the edibility of the fish being weighed in).

We have a club weigh point in Belmont and one in Anglesea (details in the rules), with hopefully another two weigh points coming online soon to maximise your weigh in opportunities. Weigh ins can still occur on any suitably certified scales (just ensure you provide the scale certification # if using non club scales).

This competition will end on the 31st of May, 2018.

Full rules and conditions can be found here:

Happy Hunting!


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