Club Meeting date change & Bluefin Battle this weekend

Dear GFD Members,

Apologies for the late notice, but due to valentines day, and to avoid any potential conflicts with your spouses, the club committee has decided to reschedule this months club meeting to next Wednesday (the 21st).

Meeting will start at the usual time (6:30pm) at the Sir Charles Hotham hotel in Geelong. As usual, you dont have to be a member to attend, so feel free to drop in and say hello.

In other news, Southern Freedivers Inc. will be holding the 3rd annual ‘Blue Fin Battle’ this weekend in Portland. With a cash prize of $500 dollars for the winning pair, and other cash prizes on offer, if the spearfishing itself isnt enough to lure you down to Portland, maybe the prospect of making mad bank will be.

More information is available on the SFD website forum competition section, with an info pack to be posted soon (presumably at the same link). For more info, check that link in the coming days, or keep an eye on their Facebook page.

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend!


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