Club Meeting & Lobster Tagging Update

Hi all,

we have our monthly club meeting on this Wednesday and we have a special guest coming! Toby from VFA is coming to talk to us about the progress on the lobster tagging program now that it has been running for two years and about to enter the third.

This will be of interest to all spearfishers and divers who take rock lobsters so I highly encourage everyone, not just club members, to attend and ask any questions that they might have.

Date: 10th July
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Function room at the Sir Charles Hotham Hotel
3 Brougham St, Geelong


Geelong Freedivers AGM & Awards Night – 10th of August – Book it in!

The Geelong Freedivers Inc. committee are pleased to announce that we will be holding this years AGM & Club Awards Night on Saturday the 10th of August, in the front bar of the Sir Charles Hotham hotel in Geelong, kicking off at 6:30pm.

We will be presenting a number of awards for notable spearfishing related accomplishments of our club members, and release competition results for the season just gone.

Sometime during the night we will also hold the club AGM, where all committee positions will be vacated & the club will vote in the new committee. Only current financial members have the right to nominate for committee positions & vote, so if you want to take part but have let your membership lapse, make sure you sign up prior! The committee STRONGLY encourage any members who would like to contribute to the club more to get involved in the committee.

Its shaping up to be a great night! Partners welcome.


Social Dive

According to our club calendar we have a schedule this Sunday and its a good thing that the swell is down and we have preceding northerlies, so lets try for a late season cray or two!

As we are without a club BBQ there will be no BBQ after the social dive (but doesn’t mean we can’t head out for a bite to eat) so don’t add the BBQ option when signing up at

Date: 7th July
Time: 8am
Location: Point Lonsdale, out the front of the surf life saving club


Photo Comp Results

Last Sunday we held the second (and final) photo comp of the series. Initially scheduled for Springs Beach Point Lonsdale but the conditions were terrible. Several members scouted all around our side of the bay but there was dirty water all around except in one location, Swan Bay! Ideally we would have liked to have held it at a different location as the first comp was in Swan Bay but when the sea gods give you lemons you dive where you can. It was also interesting to see how different it would be now that the water was a lot colder then it was back in December.

We had 5 people signed up For the comp and 2 social divers which included the comp Sponsor Luke from Ninepin Wetsuits. It was great to have Luke come to the event, meet some members and also for us to check out his new range of pelagic wetsuits.

Whilst everywhere else had brown water SB has crystal clear in a couple meters but got a bit hazy green when looking out in the distance. Everyone noticed 2 things on the day, the water was COLD and the fish were scarce! The average number of fish scored was just 3 or 4 so it was really up to the framing bonus points to seperate the winner from the pack.

The comp was called on for 4 hours but I knew it was time to leave the water not when the time was up nor when my gopro was flat but when I could no longer operate the thing due to my fingers not working anymore because of the cold! An ill fitting wetsuit in the cold of winter is not a good thing.

Upon leaving the water we all headed to the public BBQ’s at St Leonards to go through our photos and select which ones we would submit for scoring while warming up with some BBQ pork rolls and some taste home made beverages (thanks Ivan!).

Despite it being a cold quiet day it was still great fun. Due to some equipment malfunctions only 4 people entered photos to score and the results are as follows:

1st: Malcolm scoring with 4 species with an average score of 493
2nd: Hayden scoring with 4 species with an average score of 488
3rd: Ivan scoring with 3 species with an average score of 375
4th: Nam scoring with 3 species with an average score of 355

Thanks to all who competed during the season making it a fun and enjoyable event and of course to our sponsor Ninepin for giving us that extra incentive to win.


Pool Training’s Back!!

Geelong Freedivers are pleased to announce that we are finally offering pool training again, this time (as voted by our members) on Monday nights at the Geelong Aquatic Centre with the first one being next week 24th of June! As it’s been a while since we have run training, we would like everyone to complete a safety induction again. We have scheduled an Induction night for the 24th, sign up as usual through the website

Pool training is great for all levels of divers, from beginners who want to understand the basics of apnea and to get comfortable before hitting the ocean, to the intermediate divers who just want to keep touch with their skills during the colder months, to the move advanced divers who are training for specific events/goals. There is a reason for everyone to attend.

For the people wondering why they should pay $15 to swim laps in a pool when they can just go to any pool anytime and just pay the entry fee, its all about doing it in a safe controlled environment with skilled people watching out for your safety and can give you pointers on your technique. The cost is more then normal pool entry as we hire out a lane just for us to use so that we don’t have to contend with other pool users.

We have a wealth of experience in the club for all apnea based activities and our most competitive freediver, Danny Hurst, is also offering up his own time to work with individuals one on one. Danny will work with you to understand your motivations and then help set goals which will lead to the base of a training plan specific to you. This is a fantastic opportunity and I highly encourage members to take him up on this generous offer.

To keep things interesting and spice it up a bit we are looking into having special one off nights. This is all a work in progress but some things that we are thinking about are; once off fin swimming night, PB night, specific workshops to concentrate on individual skills, game night, etc.

So all members and prospective members, sign up for the induction and lets start training!


Photo Comp!

Apologies for the later then usual notice but we are finally holding another photo comp this Sunday. It’s crunch time and we need to get at least one more in and so we have called it for this weekend.

Entry via the club website as usual:

Rules and scoresheet can be found here:

Again, a big thanks to our sponsor for the series Ninepin Wetsuits who have kindly donated one of their quality wettys as the main prize!

Date: 16th June
Start Time: arrive at 11:30am for a 12pm start time
Finish Time: 4pm
Location:Springs Beach, Point Lonsdale


Eden 3 Way State Spearfishing Titles

The Eden 3 Way competition was held this weekend and managed to coincide with some fantastic weather. It was a big turnout with over 120 individual divers spread out over fifty something boats/jetskis with a small number shore diving. Four members of the Geelong Freediving Club were there to ‘represent’.

The days prior saw quite a lot of scouting going on. There had been some reasonably big swell earlier in the week however by the Friday the majority of this had subsided. Visibility was the slowest to improve however it was definitely diveable with a gentle swell as a reminder that it was the ocean you were traversing.

The coastline at Eden is absolutely spectacular with many diving spots right at a cliff edge, headlands or adjacent to golden beaches. While scouting we were lucky to see a whale breaching not far offshore. Conversely the whale was also lucky not to be run over – it was a close call. Look closely in the following video to spot the whale.

After finishing scouting for the day a game plan was agreed upon for the competition day. We’d head ‘south’ stopping off at a few spots and then go beyond Green Cape. On the way back a few more spots would be checked. Quite a few kilometres overall, however Malcolm’s Edencraft would make covering the distance efficient and comfortable.

Competition day saw everybody up bright and early. The boat was in the water by 7:30am and we waited while a long procession of trailer boats waited their turn to launch. It was a bit chilly at 6 degrees however the water was a luxurious 16 degrees or so.

There was a flurry of activity just prior to the formal introduction speech as the quickly dropping tide saw a number of boats (including us) get stuck on the sand. Soon after the competition rules were read out to a mostly attentive crowd.

Unruly bunch of cold divers listening to the competition rules

Malcolm with the ‘beast’ transport

After the introduction and sign-on everybody proceeded to jump in their boats and begin the journey out into the bay. The idea was to line up and wait for a signal from the organisers and then race to the headland. I’ll let the next video give you an idea how much fun this was. Make sure you turn the volume up for the section near the end.

I found there’s a real skill in holding a handheld camera still while travelling at 80+ km/hour… and you’ll see my ribs almost breaking at the beginning of the race as Malcolm redlined the throttle – ouch! I think we were third out of all the boats however at the time all I could think was holding on for dear life with one hand and trying to keep the camera still with the other.

After absolutely flying through the bay we started on the game plan. The competition seemed to go very quickly. Visibility wasn’t great however there were a few spots around Green Cape where it was fairly good and the diving interesting.

After making our way back and signing off we watched all the other boats coming in. Many containers of fish were placed in the weighing area. It was very clear we’d been outclassed as some of the competitors had managed to get many more species including Kingfish which was impressive.

Fortunately our fish were weighed quickly due to being near the front of the line and we were able to leave early to wash the boat and clean our catch.

One of the local community assistance groups were hard at work as most of competition catch was donated to assist those in need. Anybody in this group who wasn’t an expert at the scaling, filleting & cleaning process would’ve been afterward.

The Eden competition was definitely a great experience. I’d encourage people to give it a go next year if possible.


Membership renewal & early bird special

The end of financial year is closing in on us which also means our current memberships will expire soon. The AUF have release their early bird special so if you are quick you can join/renew GFD for the low low cost of $100. Of this fee the club receives $20 which goes towards administration costs as well as contributes to functions and awards at the end of the season.

To take advantage of this cost saving and to make sure you are covered come day 1 of the new season visit the AUF website and from the membership menu select either new membership or renewal (depending on your current status)

If anyone is having trouble renewing/signing up please contact Russell O’Flynn on: , 0499 000 020.


Photo Comp!

We will be holding the second photo comp of the series (of three) this Saturday and we will be diving Jawbone marine sanctuary in Williamstown.

This competition is open to all AUF members and if you don’t have a fancy camera and underwater housing with a strobe don’t worry, last years winner took it out with just a GoPro (and most people who enter use a gopro)! For rules and scoresheet please see

As usual we will have a BBQ post dive while we review and submit our photos. If you would like to come along just for a social dive and not compete in the comp then that’s fine but still sign up for it on the website and select the BBQ add on so that we can cater for everyone.

Thanks again to our sponsor Ninepin Wetsuits who have put up one of their quality wettys for the main prize. Without the help of all our sponsors we wouldn’t be able to host such events

Date: 11th May
Time: 8am
Location: Jawbone Marine Sanctuary, Mullins Ct, Williamstown


Need a new wetsuit?

Winter is coming and the water is getting colder, usually a time when we consider getting a new wetsuit to keep the thermal comfort up. Thanks to our sponsor ninepin wetsuites, we have one that’s still up for grabs through our photo fishing competition series.

So far we have run one comp with another 2 left to do before the season closes out very soon. The overall winner is calculated by using your 2 best scores over the series which means even if you missed the first comp you still have a chance of taking away the top prize.

Stay tuned for competition announcements….