Club Spearfishing Championship

A reminder that the CSC is open now to all GFD members. Some monster Salmon were seen not that long ago and the squid are coming in the bay now so it’s a good time to get out there and get some entries.

We have secured sponsorship for this competition with Dave from the Geelong Dive Centre kindly donating at Salvimar Atlantis as the top prize this year, thank you Dave!

Also a reminder that this year every fish submitted will earn you a ticket in a raffle, so even if you think you are not going to take out the championship just submitting a couple fish could still earn you a nice prize at the end of the season.


Australian Depth Nationals

The AFA Depth Nationals are being held at Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia on the 22nd-24th October 2018 and we would like to wish our very own Danny Hurst the best of luck!

Competition format

The competition will be an AFA sanctioned competition, registered with AIDA International, and run under AIDA rules. There will be three competition days. Overall standings will be determined by adding points from each discipline (points will be allocated as per the AIDA rules, which is 1 point per metre of depth, less any penalties). The Australian women’s and men’s champions will be the Australian female and Australian male athletes, respectively, with the most number of points.

Athletes may choose to do any depth discipline on any day, and therefore may choose to do one discipline more than once, however, only the best result in a given discipline will count towards the athlete’s overall points tally.


Lorne clean up dive

GFD member James, aka GnoMAD, is organising a clean up snorkel / dive at Lorne pier on the 15th of September 2018 from 11am to 1pm.

“This area is frequented by fishermen who often lose tackle among the pylons and surrounding reef. I am looking to do a clean up dive down there with a few members from the Geelong Freedivers Club, GnoMAD students and any other interested persons. Hopefully this will be a great day for networking and meeting other like minded people who are passionate about the ocean and endeavor to protect it for future generations. We have an amazing coast line!

For those wishing to get into the water, please be aware that you do so at your own risk, this is not a scheduled dive. For those that are interested, please let me know ASAP and I can give you some further information via email.

As always, the dive will be weather dependent 😀

James (GnoMAD).”

For more details please check the event in facebook:


Restore the Bay Information Session

An invitation to the next Restore The Bay Information Session in Geelong is being extended to us all. The purpose of this session to provide an update about the recent shellfish reef restoration works in Port Phillip Bay and present the monitoring results to date. We are specifically interested in garnering feedback about the layout and content of a Report Card template we have developed. Additionally, there will also be an update about the progress of the Living Shorelines Project at Ramblers Road, Bellarine Peninsula.

Please RSVP To Simon at beforehand and feel free to circulate to your contacts.

The Information Session details include:

Where: The Geelong Corporate Centre, Deakin’s Geelong Waterfront Campus, 4th Floor Sally Walker Building – entrance on Cunningham Street The Geelong Corporate Centre (see reception for room details on the day).

Directions & Parking – plus close to Geelong Railway Station.
When: 14.00 to 15.30, Friday September 7th

  • Port Phillip Bay Shellfish Reef Restoration Project Update by Simon Branigan (TNC) and Simon Reeves (TNC)
  • Living Shorelines Project Update – Ramblers Road, Bellarine Peninsula by Ralph Roob (City of Greater Geelong & University of Melbourne)
  • Q&A

Restore the Bay update

Restoration Activities

In June, another 550 m2 of reef base was deployed at Wilson Spit using 22,000 kg of recycled shells and 60 tonnes of limestone rubble (pic attached). This deployment received great coverage on Ch 7 Sunday Night News . Next month, we will be seeding these new reef bases (and another at Margaret’s Reef) with around 11 tonnes of blue mussels grown by a farmer in the bay.  I’ll soon send an invite out to the next Restore The Bay Information Session where the focus will be on the monitoring results and garnering feedback about the ‘Report Card’ approach we are taking.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

During the weeks of September 3rd to 7th and 17th to 21st, we are conducting our six-monthly monitoring activities in Geelong and Hobsons Bay and require the help of volunteers to measure shellfish.  This will be a land-based activity but volunteers are welcome to join us on the boat in the morning (when divers collect a sub-sample of shellfish off the reefs) and the afternoon (when we deploy the shellfish back onto the reefs).  We have allowed a 2 week window for around 5 days of work, as relatively calm weather conditions are required to dive, so I will not be able to confirm the actual days until closer to the time.


AGM & Awards Night

Last Friday we had our AGM and combined awards night for the 2017-18 season. There was talk about making it fancy dress with kilts to fancy wetsuits painted like tuxedos but decided to keep it a casual affair. It was a night filled with cheers and a couple private tears but still a good time had by all.

We bought back the species quiz as a super quiz that ran over the course of the evening along with the countdown for the Club Spearfishing Championship.

On the AGM side of things I would like to thank our committee for the previous season and to welcome and thank the new committee for the 2018-19 season. The new committee consists of:

President: Hayden McFadyen
Vice President: Gerard Saunders
Secretary: Luke Bellamy
Treasurer: Peter Field
Membership Secretary: Russell O’Flynn
Safety and training officer(s): Danny Hurst for the pool, Gerard Saunders for other events
Weighmaster: Julian Kenny
Events coordinator: Richard Just
VSC liaison: Nam Luong

In the previous season we cut down our spearfishing comps to just 3 and called it the Surf Coast Cup (SCC). In an attempt to make things different and fun we decided that each event should be different and so the SCC consisted of a polespear comp, boat comp and a shore dive comp. The winners of the Surf Coast Cup are as follows:

Polespear Comp Winner: Russell O’Flynn
Boat Comp: Steven Reed
Shore Dive Comp: Paul Dorfstatter

Junior Winner: Jake Braun who took home a miniature cup, a $25 gift voucher and a new catch bag kindly donated by Dave at the Geelong Dive Centre.

Overall Winner: Gerard Saunders who not only gets to hold onto the cup for 12 months but walked away with a brand new Yazbeck wetsuit which was kindly donated by Dave Torelli of Yazbeck.

Second Place: Danny Hurst who took home a silver medal and a $50 gift voucher at the Geelong Dive Centre

Third Place: Steven Reed

As a club we also want to express our love of the ocean and all the ways we enjoy it. We don’t always go out with a speargun looking to catch a feed, sometimes we go out to protected areas with a camera and just enjoy the underwater wildlife. As such we decided to introduce a series of film fishing comps called the Underwater Photography Challenge (UPC). As a new comp that none of us had ever competed in before, there was some tweaking of the rules and scoresheets during the season but we have it locked down for 2018-19. Unfortunately we were only able to run 2 of the scheduled comps and the overall results are:

Winner: Gerard (cat shark) Saunders who walked away with one of our custom handmade diver trophies along with a heavy $100 voucher at the Geelong Dive Centre

Second Place: Richard Just who took home a silver medal and a $50 gift voucher to the Geelong Diver Centre

Third Place: Russell O’Flynn who received a bronze medal and some sweet merch kindly donate by Yazbeck and Continuum fins

Our final and most highly contested competition was the Club Spearfishing Championship (CSC), a season long species challenge. During our first season this was by far the most like competition with just about every member submitting at least one fish and this year was no different. Changes we made for the season was to make it a bigger competition by increasing the number of species that could be submitted which provided more opportunity for people to weigh fish in, sets some divers apart from the pack for their ability to target different species whilst allowing the middle of the pack to be more competitive. The results of the comp are:

Junior Winner: Jake Braun who added to his haul with a gold medal along with another $25 gift voucher at the Geelong Dive Centre

Winner: A very surprised Richard Just who’s season long dedication rewarded him with our second custom handmade diver trophy along with a $200 gift voucher to the Geelong Dive Centre which was kindly donated by Dave

Second Place: Tyson Volke who received a silver medal and a $50 gift voucher to the Geelong Dive Centre

Third Place: James Beckman

I would like to thank all of our members for your continued support and enthusiasm for the club, spearfishing and the overall enjoyment of the water.

I would also like to thank our sponsors for the 2017-18 season:
Dave Torelli of Yazbeck wetsuits
Dave Summers of Geelong Dive Centre
Danny Hurst of Continuum fins

And to finish here’s a few other photos from the night


Club Meeting tomorrow night

Dont forget we have a club meeting tomorrow (11/07) night! Usual place – back room of the Sir Charles Hotham Hotel in Geelong. Meeting kicks off at 6:30pm!

Club meetings are open to everyone, so even if you’re not a member, feel free to come on down for a drink, a meal, and a chat!


Awards night & AGM

It has come to that time of year, no not tax time, awards time!

We have decided to keep the format from last year and host the annual general meeting and our awards night in the one event.

Location: Sir Charles Hotham Hotel (function room)
3 Brougham St
VIC 3220
Date: Friday 3rd of August
Time: 6:00-late

All committee positions are up for grabs so if you are passionate about the club and want to get involved with running it and helping drive the direction into the future then we would love for you to join the committee. Current committee positions are:

  • President
  • Vice president
  • Secretary
  • Finance officer
  • Membership secretary
  • Weighmaster

Membership renewal

Just a friendly reminder that the end of the month sees the close of the 2017-18 season and that memberships need to be renewed. The AUF are still offering the early bird special so jump on and take advantage of the deal while it lasts.

By renewing before the close of the season means your website account and insurance remains and as the new Club Spearfishing Championship starts on the 1st of July, you could be the first person to weigh in some species.