Photo Comp!

We will be holding the second photo comp of the series (of three) this Saturday and we will be diving Jawbone marine sanctuary in Williamstown.

This competition is open to all AUF members and if you don’t have a fancy camera and underwater housing with a strobe don’t worry, last years winner took it out with just a GoPro (and most people who enter use a gopro)! For rules and scoresheet please see

As usual we will have a BBQ post dive while we review and submit our photos. If you would like to come along just for a social dive and not compete in the comp then that’s fine but still sign up for it on the website and select the BBQ add on so that we can cater for everyone.

Thanks again to our sponsor Ninepin Wetsuits who have put up one of their quality wettys for the main prize. Without the help of all our sponsors we wouldn’t be able to host such events

Date: 11th May
Time: 8am
Location: Jawbone Marine Sanctuary, Mullins Ct, Williamstown


Need a new wetsuit?

Winter is coming and the water is getting colder, usually a time when we consider getting a new wetsuit to keep the thermal comfort up. Thanks to our sponsor ninepin wetsuites, we have one that’s still up for grabs through our photo fishing competition series.

So far we have run one comp with another 2 left to do before the season closes out very soon. The overall winner is calculated by using your 2 best scores over the series which means even if you missed the first comp you still have a chance of taking away the top prize.

Stay tuned for competition announcements….


Club Spearfishing Championship leaderboard has been updated

The Geelong Freedivers Inc. Club Spearfishing Championship (CSC) leaderboard has just been updated (and can be viewed here:(

We’ve had some absolute cracking fish entered in the few weeks since the leaderboard was last updated, so whilst the water is cooling down, the competition is heating up!

With just over a month to go until the competition winds up for the season, make sure that any fish you might have stashed in the freezer are taken to a designated weigh-station for entry, and any photos of weighed fish are submitted for scoring.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the CSC is a season long competition where participants can enter fish that they catch during the course of their usual spearfishing, or any fish taken during a club or other AUF dive or competition.

If you are a member of Geelong Freedivers, you’re automatically entered into the competition, so get in the water and go for it! The first prize for this competition is a Salvimar Atlantis Speargun, kindly donated by Geelong Dive Centre, AND there is a fantastic prize for a randomly selected entry – so even if you only enter a single fish you’re still in the running to win!


Surf Coast Cup – Combined Spearfish and photo competition

Saturday morning saw a small bunch of GFD members gearing up for a combined spear and photo comp. This is the first time such an event has been attempted within the club so it was going to be interesting to see how well it works.

Nice and calm…

The ocean was very flat from when we arrived to the time we left the water. From the first glance we knew the visibility was not going to be on par with the general ocean conditions however it still looked too nice not to jump in. P

Hayden went off on a quick scouting trip further down the coast however it was all pretty much the same so we stuck with Pt. Roadknight.

About to hit the water

With a few new guys in the club diving buddies were chosen and we were away.

Very low tide

It was a super low tide during the first hours of the competition which made it easy to find a few bommies and marks.

Don’t shoot!

Nam was a bit tentative about getting in first so he sent his buddy Ivan in at gunpoint just to test the water. Mental note: Don’t choose Nam for your buddy 🙂

Since Pt. Roadknight holds a relatively small area to dive the next few hours saw people crisscrossing each other looking for productive patches of reef – of which there were relatively few. It seemed since last time I’d been here the ocean floor had actually changed dramatically, but that may just be my fading memory.

Due to the visibility being poor the spearfishing was popular for scoring points. A few divers took photos and speared and one scored using photos only. Overall it looks like this event has a lot of potential for the future.

The top three positions were:

  • 1. Nam
  • 2. Gerard
  • 3. Hayden

Nam found some nice Crays which scored highly winning today’s competition.


The bbq was generously cooked by Hayden again and well received.

At this stage there’s now only the Boat Dive remaining in the Surf Coast Cup which we’ll try and schedule sometime in the next month.

Once again, thanks to competition sponsor Continuum Fins for making this possible.

Thanks everybody for attending and making a great morning’s dive…


Surf Coast Cup #3 has been called ON!!!!

The Geelong Freedivers Inc. Committee have called this Saturday ON for the 3rd Surf Coast Cup Spearfishing Comp.

The competition will be held at Point Roadknight. Meet at the Point Roadknight car park for an 8:00am sign-on and safety check.

This comp has a bit of a twist…. the comp will be the “hybrid” spearfishing / photography comp; in addition to the usual 5 species weigh-in limit for speared fish, you can submit photographs of scoring species, and that photo will attract the base score for that species.

Sign on must be done prior to the event, using the Competition entry form on the website.

This competition is open to all AUF members.

Once again, thanks to competition sponsor Continuum Fins for making this possible.


Monthly meeting tonight

Hi everyone!

Don’t forget that the Geelong Freedivers Inc. Monthly meeting is happening tonight in the function room of the Sir Charles Hotham hotel in Geelong, kicking off at about 6:30pm.

Everyone is welcome, not just club members, so feel free to swing by, have a meal, have a drink, and have a chat about the club, spearfishing & freediving.


Weekend Comp

We still have 4 comps to run before the end of season (Surf Coast Cup boat comp and the spear&photo comp as well as 2 photo comps) and this weekends long range report is looking good for that trip out west. So keep your calendars open and the GFD Committee will update everyone during the week with a decision on which comp we will run along with the date and location.

Both the Surf Coast Cup and our photo comp series are still open for anyone to win. So if you feel like upgrading your fins to a pair of custom made Continuum fins or you want to get into a sleek new ninpin wetsuit then enter now, all you need is to be an AUF member.


SCC Shore Dive Results

On Saturday we held the second event for the Surf Coast Cup, the shore dive. Long range forecasts showed there would be a dip in the swell on the weekend with some nice northerlies preceding it which would make for a great days diving. Looking along the surf and shipwreck coasts it looked like we could get in at some other locations that we don’t dive that often and so we put the call out early with the hope of going out west.

During the week we kept scrutinising the updated reports and the westerly winds predicted on the Saturday is what ended up in us deciding to stay closer to home then to risk several hours driving for a potentially undivable comp. So good ‘ol Aireys was it.

Arriving Early the ocean was looking nice and flat but with the low light and overcast clouds it was hard to tell what the viz was going to be like. Once everyone had arrived we all suited up and commenced with the safety equipment check and dive debrief. With the swell predicted to pick up during the day and some 20kt westerly to WSW winds we called it a shorter comp starting at 8:30 and finishing at 1. We had a mixture of people, some competing in the comp and a few just there for the social dive, some veteran divers to beginners.

Most divers decided to walk around the cliffs to the east and try for the reefs in deeper waters. This is when we realised the viz wasn’t going to be great. Whilst Gerard persisted to find some cleaner water further out, most of us headed back towards shore to hunt the gutters in the shallows.

I took Ivan under my wing for the day and warned him that I wouldn’t be diving for long having had very little sleep the night before and forgetting my socks and gloves, I also thought I would be nice and get out early to get the BBQ fired up so the others had hot food waiting for them. So needless to say I was surprised when I made it back to the carpark to find everyone else already out and changed waiting for us and making it there to sign off with just 3 minutes to spare!

We all shared our diving stories for the day while checking out each others catch while the BBQ was cooking and eating it at the same time before commencing the weigh in. Despite the challenging conditions it was good to see that most people had their 5 fish to weigh in and whilst there were plenty of options to upgrade during the day there wasn’t any overkill. But seeing the scoresheet at the end of the weigh in my competitive nature finally kicked in and I regretted not getting a couple upgrades!

Scores for the day were:
Malcolm 100 points
Nam 78 points
Gerard 71 points
Hayden 70 points
Julian 56 points


Weekend Comp & Social dive location

despite really wanting to head out west it was just too unpredictable and we have better conditions locally. Therefore the committee has decided to hold the comp and social dive at Aireys Inlet.

Sign up is done online at:

Remember if you are going just for the social dive still sign up and don’t forget to check the BBQ add on for a post dive feed

Date: 6th April
Time: 8AM
Location: Aireys Inlet


Surf Coast Cup – Shore Dive

We are hoping to run the shore dive comp from the Surf Coast Cup this weekend. At the moment it looks like Saturday will be the day and going out west for the location (Cape Otway/Peterborough). Final details will be confirmed later in the week.