Cancelled – Surfcoast Cup – Polespear comp

We’ve been watching the various weather forecasting tools closely for the last week and it looks like Sunday is actually not going to be as good as initially forecast. What was already a very marginal average day has been determined to be inappropriate. Whilst this is unfortunate it’s also part of diving Victoria.

So we are cancelling tomorrow’s competition. However we’re very keen to get either the pole spear or shore dive events completed this year and it should be possible.

The next two weekends are candidates for 2019 so and there’s a projected ease in swell towards the end of next week. We’ll be assessing the conditions again during the week and will endeavour to get out a notification as early as possible if an event can be run.

Since there’s two events feel free to suggest which one you’d prefer via facebook/email etc..

Apologies for the late notice. We were pretty keen to push forward with an event and wanted to more certain what weather to expect this weekend.


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