Camping Trip 16th-17th Sep

Our scheduled camping trip is getting very close and we need to start locking everything down. Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll, the location winner is the SA sinkholes again! This means even with crap ocean diving we can still have awesome dives in freshwater. 

Last time we went to Ewens and piccannie but this time we might be able to get access to Kilsby, one of the worlds best sink holes for diving. This has been closed to the general public and access can only be arranged through dive masters/instructors and thankfully James Cini, aka Gnomad, is working on this for us. So if this goes through it will be a great opportunity to dive a place that is usually off limits.

So for now I would like to get numbers organised so we can book accomodation. Is everyone happy with a camp site at Port mac like last time? Or if we have the numbers and interest maybe we could look at getting a house for the weekend?

Either way, let me know and I’ll start getting things together. We will discuss this at our club meeting coming up on the 13th but everything will need to be locked in prior to this as the trip is the weekend just after the meeting.


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