Surf Coast Cup

The Geelong Freedivers Inc. Surf Coast Cup is a points based aggregate spearfishing competition series which is open to all AUF members. The SCC will consist of 3 competitions:

  • Pole spear only comp
  • Boat Comp
  • Shore Dive Comp

Ideally, all of the single day events in the series are to be held along the Surf Coast, but weather may require us to move a days competition to within Port Phillip.

Each single day competition is to be a “pairs” competition, whereby assigned pairs of divers work and score together for the day’s competition.  Named Teams spanning the course of the series can be organised before the start of the first competition in the series.

Awards for the Surf Coast Cup will include:

  • Winner, Surf Coast Cup (Perpetual Cup, replica for keepsake)
  • Runners up, Surf Coast Cup (trophy or medal)
  • 3rd Place, Surf Coast Cup (trophy or medal)
  • Winner for each event:
  • Pole spear
  • Boat
  • Shore

The rules and scoresheet can be found here: