2020/21 Competitions

Due to the ongoing uncertainty with COVID and having cancelled our last seasons competition series the GFD committee have decided to change things up for this season. We have put on hold the Surf Coast Cup and the Underwater Photography Challenge but we are still keeping the Club Spearfishing Championship and adding a new series called the Species Showdown.

The species showdown is a new competition series with month long individual competitions targeting a specific species.

Whilst similar to the CSC there are differences, CSC runs all season long and competitors can submit fish anytime and have a maximum of 2 entries per species and points are awarded for the biggest fish down and the person with the most points at the end of the season wins.

The Species Showdown is actually 7 individual competitions, each comp targeting a specific species and lasting just a month with the exception of Tuna and Kingfish which runs for 2 months concurrently. Each competition will have just a single winner who is the person who submitted the heaviest fish. There is no limit to the number of entries in each comp, so feel free to keep upgrading! Competitors can submit fish from any dive they have during the target species month. And finally, competitors must sign up for each comp at a cost of $8 per competition and must sign on by the date of the club meeting for that month. For more information check the website.

Species Showdown Target Species/Month

  • October – Southern Calamari
  • November – Snapper
  • December – Southern Rock Lobster
  • January – Flathead
  • February – King George Whiting
  • March and April – Kingfish
  • March and April – Tuna

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