1st Photo Comp Results

Firstly apologies for being 2 months late with this post!

Waaaay back on the 2nd of December we held the first underwater photography comp with an anticipated location of springs beach in Point Lonsdale however the hard southerlies made us relocate to Swan Bay.

The photo comps have been a really fun event and everyone who has participated in the past have really enjoyed it. Due to schedule conflicts we only fielded 5 people (which I don’t mind as it’s less competition for the series mawhahahaha) but everyone had a great time. For most, if not all of us, it was the first time having dived in Swan Bay (another good thing about photo comps is we hold them in sanctuaries where we normally wouldn’t be diving).

I’ve been told in the past that Swan Bay plays a vital role in the echosystem and acts as a nursery for a lot of fish species and looking at the photos from the day we can say that this is true.

Due to conditions we called the comp on for 4 hours, suited up and hit the water. Most of us caught a few species early along the pier and then headed out to other objects like mored boats before searching the endless grass beds.

After our time was up we were all on shore sorting out our photos and cooking/eating our usual post dive BBQ.


1st Hayden 9 species, score 1037, 100 points
2nd Nam 8 species, score 992, 96 points
3rd Russell 6 species, score 743, 72 points
4th Luke 5 species, score 633, 61 points

There’s still 2 more rounds to go and we take your best 2 scores to form the aggregate so there’s still a chance to take home a sweet ninepin wetsuit even if you missed the first comp!

Some photos from the comp



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