Welcome to the webpage of Geelong Freedivers Inc.

Who are we?

Geelong Freedivers Inc. is an AUF  (Australian Underwater Federation) affiliated Spearfishing (and Freediving) club formed, in 2015, based in Geelong, the Bellarine Penninsula, and the Surf Coast.



What do we do?

We go fishing! Currently, our club activities involve freedive training every Thursday night (for working on individual breath-holds, for fitness, and for fun) open to club members, and we also run a monthly club dive / meeting / BBQ.
Over the winter months we’ll be working hard on a fixed club calendar for the 2016/2017 summer season, so watch this space.


The 2016/2017 summer season will see the inaugural “Geelong Freedivers Club Series” – a series of monthly spearfishing competitions, as well as a separate, season long spearfishing and photography challenge.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot an email to: contact@geelongfreedivers.org.au